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Now into our second decade of serving independent printers throughout North America, IPW procurement strategy remains firmly rooted in our founding mission to achieve:

-Highly Competitive Pricing
-National Recognition by Suppliers
-Incentive Growth Opportunities
-Improved Customer Satisfaction, and
-Bridge to Future Synergies (National Print Sales Opportunities)

Through our 40+ global supply agreements, we have maintained the ability to adapt to changing conditions such as economic recessions, yet have retained core values that served our members well throughout our first decade.  Our core values guide our commitment to help our members compete with the Top 10, while bringing double-digit growth to preferred suppliers.  

Operating As One Mighty Team

At the heart of IPW is a growing group of independent printers with a vision to buy and sell smarter and more efficiently than ever before. We have the buying leverage to purchase papers, inks, graphic arts materials, pressroom supplies, manufacturing equipment, freight services and more with significant savings to our members.  But the IPW network goes beyond traditional buying groups. Our mission is to continually provide IPW members with concrete evidence demonstrating the power of buying as one mighty team.  We do this by constantly working on your behalf to bring your company.

IPW has distributed over $230 million in IPW Program incentives over the last 16 years.  Although we are proud of this accomplishment, we will not accept the status quo.  Our charter is to meet quarterly with key preferred suppliers and look for ways to enhance the program for IPW members.  Of course, the program must be a win for the suppliers as well.  With this in mind, a company considering membership in IPW must be willing to proactively move business to IPW sponsored programs.  This way, we can all win.  Bottim line is that we exist to help IPW independent printers compete effectively with the top ten printers worldwide.  IPW purchasing unity is the vehicle to achieve this goal and vision.


Meet Our Suppliers

By selectively working with a few suppliers and managing total process cost, we are able to provide creative innovations to our members in cooperation with our preferred vendors.  







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